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Examination and Periodontal Services

Comprehensive Dental Examination

During your initial visit, Dr. Cai will perform a comprehensive examination which will include the detection of dental caries (cavities), periodontal charting (gum disease evaluation) and oral cancer screening.

Periodontal Treatment Computerized Periodontal Charting - All new patients will have their periodontal health evaluated through periodontal probing. This is to assure that the gums surrounding the teeth are in good health, because gum disease, or periodontitis, can contribute to bleeding gums, bad breath, and tooth loss. All information is store in each patient's file in the computer system.
Periodontal Scaling and Root Planning When gum disease is detected, it is recommended to treat it with periodontal scaling and root planning, also known as deep cleaning. This is a non-invasive procedure during which teeth are thoroughly cleaned and scaled under local anesthesia to remove the calculus (tartar) build-up which contains the bacteria that causes gum disease.
Adjunct Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment - Through the placement of medication, such as Arestin, in the area with severe gum disease, usually right after scaling and root planing, the dentist can more effectively treat gum disease.
Cavity Prevention
Sealant -

 This coating placed on the biting surface of a non-decayed posterior tooth will prevent decay for years.

Fluoride Treatment -

Recommended for children and adults with high rate of dental decay.

Cosmetic Dentistry
White Fillings - More conservative and esthetic than the traditional silver amalgam fillings, and cause less sensitivity because they do not conduct cold or heat!
Porcelain Veneers - To straighten teeth, mask stains and discoloration, or close gaps.
Bonding -  Similar functions as veneers.
Natural-looking Crowns, Onlays, Inlays, and bridges

 - No more metal or grayish edges around the gum line.

Full and Partial Dentures - With life-like teeth, no metal showing, and snug fit.
Teeth Whitening - Yes, it works! For best result, we can jump start your teeth-whitening with a one-hour in-office whitening session, followed by take-home custom whitening system to increase and maintain the brilliance of your smile.
Other Services
Root Canal Treatment - No, this is not your Aunt Betsy's root canal! Modern root canal treatment is done with new instruments and new materials, to increase safety and success rate, and guarantee patient comfort.
When a tooth is hurting or severely decayed, a root canal treatment is often the only way to save it.
Sports Guard - For protection of teeth during athletic activities.

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